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Our Autumn Breeze Succah NEW! Durable Autumn Breeze succahs at an affordable price and FREE shipping on most sizes! **Great for warm climates!**
Our new Autumn Breeze succah uses a rugged yet airy woven polyester fabric that will allow for a gentle breeze while enjoying the mitzvah of your succah. Autumn Breeze is a great material for your succah walls especially in warm weather climates and due to the open weave you will be able to keep an eye on the children as you can see through the walls. Autumn Breeze has reinforced edges and brass grommets inserted at regular intervals along the top and bottom edges for easy attachment to the succah frame. Also, Autumn Breeze is less susceptible to the effects of high important consideration in windy areas.

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Our Autumn Breeze Succahs
Here are our Autumn Breeze succah sizes:
Autumn Breeze Succah 8x8 FREE SHIPPING
This Autumn Breeze succah gives you just that extra space for a small family at an affordable price! (8 ft x 8 ft - seats 6-8) -- $ 385.00
Autumn Breeze Succah 8x10 FREE SHIPPING
A nice size succah for your family (8' x 10' - seats 7-9) -- $ 425.00
Autumn Breeze Succah 8x12 FREE SHIPPING
Our most popular size succah at an affordable price! (8' x 12' - seats 8-10). -- $ 475.00
Autumn Breeze Succah 8 x 16 FREE SHIPPING
A big succah for you and your family! (8 ft. x 16 ft. - seats 13-15) -- $ 580.00
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