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Succot Accessories
Canvas Succahs

High quality canvas succahs at an affordable price and FREE shipping on most sizes!

These succahs are made of heavy cotton canvas, tough enough to take a beating. The walls are made to stretch tight and won't sway in the breeze and the succah goes up in less than one hour. Our frames are made of lightweight galvanized tubing held together with heavy duty AST aluminum fittings. Don't forget to add our bamboo mats to cover your succah.

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Our Canvas Succahs
Here are our canvas succah sizes:
Succah 6 x 8 FREE SHIPPING
Our most economic canvas succah perfect for a small family! (6 ft x 8 ft - seats 5-7) -- $ 340.00
Succah 8 x 8 FREE SHIPPING
This canvas succah gives you just that extra space for a small family at an affordable price! (8 ft x 8 ft - seats 6-8) -- $ 385.00
Succah 8 x 10 FREE SHIPPING
A nice size succah for your family (8 ft. x 10 ft. - seats 7-9) -- $ 425.00
Succah 8 x 12 FREE SHIPPING
Our most popular size canvas succah at an affordable price! (8 ft x 12 ft - seats 8-10) -- $ 475.00
Succah 8 x 14 FREE SHIPPING
Just a little bit bigger for that extra space! (8 ft. x 14 ft. - seats 11-13) -- $ 560.00
Succah 8 x 16 FREE SHIPPING
A big succah for you and your family! (8 ft. x 16 ft. - seats 13-15) -- $ 580.00
Succah 10 x 12
A very popular succah for family and friends! (10 ft x 12 ft - seats 11-13) -- $ 530.00
Succah 12 x 12
A large succah to accomodate you and your guests! (12 ft. x 12 ft. seats 16-20 ) -- $ 580.00
Succah 10 x 20
Our largest standard succah big enough for a crowd! (10 ft. x 20 ft. seats up to 32) -- $ 850.00
Succah - Custom Size
Custom sizes are available upon request - please contact us - -- $ 0.00
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