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Tired of wrestling with heavy wooden walls?
Did your succah blow away in that sudden gust of wind?
Or are you thinking of making your first purchase?


  Our Most Popular Items
Our classic canvas succah 8x12 Canvas Succah FREE SHIPPING
Our most popular size succah.

Our canvas succahs are made of heavy cotton canvas, tough enough to take a beating. The walls are made to stretch tight and won't sway in the breeze. And the succah goes up in less than one hour.

The frame is made of lightweight galvanized tubing held together with heavy duty aluminum fittings.

Our most popular size mat to accompany our most popular size succah!

As always, our bamboo mats are shipped FREE anywhere in the US!

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Canvas Succahs
High quality canvas succahs at an affordable price and FREE shipping on most sizes!
Autumn Breeze Succahs
NEW! Durable Autumn Breeze succahs at an affordable price and FREE shipping on most sizes! **Great for warm climates!**
Monofilament Mats
The classic mats - Easy to use! Just roll 'em out!
Compare our prices!
Hemp Mats
The all-natural bamboo schach mat!
Decorative applique banner flags
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The All-Natural Hemp Bamboo Mat! Available only! SUPPLY IS LIMITED

Hemp Bamboo Mat 6 x 8
$ 60.00
Hemp Bamboo Mat 5 x 12
$ 75.00
Hemp Bamboo Mat 6 x 12
$ 90.00
Hemp Bamboo Mat 8 x 10
$ 100.00